Slow food market and Abbotsford Convent Open Day Today

The marvellous slow food market is on at the Convent today — get a rhubarb tartlett from the rhubarb lady, a strong coffee from Lentil as Anything, a loaf of bread from the bakery, and stock up on unbelievably good home made panforte for Christmas presents.  But take your own plastic bags, or baskets. And there’s an open day at the Convent besides, where you can go inside the buildings, check out the artists’ studios, the ‘wellbeing studios’, and probably even the most beautiful ‘cello shop in the world.  Market finishes at 1 p.m., open day goes till 4 p.m. 3MBS is running tours.

3 Replies to “Slow food market and Abbotsford Convent Open Day Today”

  1. I saw the picture heading the article ,an innocent enough looking photo,but to some that photo means
    much more than the obvious ! In that chapel we girls prayed daily to a God who ears were closed as were the ladies purportedly representing him .Look again at the photo and you might notice the bars above .A house of worship ?????

  2. i see the photo above i remember the bars that is the dormortories on movie nights if we didnt want to watch the movie we would go to bed early and alot of the girls would try to get the bars off to escap[e on the other side of the dormitory they tried so hard but couldnt move them they were intending to tie tere sheets together to get out thats the desperation that was going on in the convent

  3. Angela ,I remember a time when they ran a doco on Johnny Cash ,some of the girls and i were restless and
    began to consider running ,the others said they would climb on the roof (the roof over Mother Our Ladies office,and a few other little rooms as well ) if I did first ,so muggins me got up .and guess who was down on the ground on the other side none less than Mother our Lady and a group of auxilaries ,if looks could have killed that night I would have been long gone .Thy stopped the doco too,so it was punitive behaviour from
    some of the girls I was worried about that night .

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