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  1. While so many establishments have went the way of the modernists , it’s always a good thing to have traditional establishments like these.

    It gives a sense of tradition and communion with the past that gives you a sense of nostalgia.

  2. It was a beautiful day this Saturday just passed (28/02/09), a day when 4 visiting friends from Sydney, and 5 locals headed out on bicycles to take in some of the joy that is Melbourne, in a confused summer.
    We treadlied along the Yarra to Abbotsford Convent, with the thought of catching a bevvie at Handsome Steve’s as a few of us had caught wind of a bar hanging out in the convent. We found it, we sent a scout up to enquire if 10 people was going to be OK, as there was a private party on … the barkeep was very happy with the idea … so up we trekked. The barkeep was delightful, delivered our beers with a smile on his dial, then came out to offer us some chairs. We weren’t fussed, but half of us took a pew, the other half casually reclined on the balcony floor … not in anyone’s way. The barkeep seemed concerned that he didn’t have enough chairs for us, but we were fine, and told him so, and he seemed fine with that.
    So there we were, sipping Carlton’s, sun shining on the Convent roof and courtyard, when all of a sudden an irritated man appeared in a white shirt and slicked back hair, greeting us in an abusive tone … “Didn’t you see the sign at the door, hippies use the side door!”. Startled, we all glanced up from our conversations, as the madman went on to huff, “Civilized man has been around for 5000 years, and no longer needs to sit on the floor!!!”, or words to that effect, then he turned his back and stormed off.
    We were left pondering who this odd wanker was. A few of us knew. This was indeed ‘Handsome Steve’.
    Now I understand that perhaps there may be a liquor law that prohibits people sitting on the floor, or similar, in which case, all we needed was to be told this, and asked to get up, and we would have.
    I can’t help thinking what a tool. He had no idea who we were, we were all neatly dressed, people of good character, not a dreadlock in sight, not one whiff of patouli oil, no NO NUKES tatts – and even if we had … what a tool!
    Ten people (plus a few other bar patrons) witnessing a tool, means by Monday, at least 70 people have heard this story.
    What a tool. (But the chap earlier was lovely.)
    I guess he’s trying to keep the numbers down, coz there’ll be no repeat business from any of us or our 150+ friends.
    So if yer after a very quiet souless bar … you gottit!

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