Have you seen a large python?

If so, please return to its owner, or ring 000. It’s 3m long. It’s as thick as an arm.  It escaped from a balcony at  Tim Marshall’s Noone St, Clifton Hill apartment on the 9th, where it had lived with another carpet python for a decade. They suspect it might be in your roof, or up a tree. The police suggest not leaving little birds outside in little cages, but the opinion on that is divergent.  Tim says the snake ate well last week, so not to worry. The Hun reported that the snake is not on any medication.  And this, for me, is the fascinating bit of the story.  What motivated Patrick Horan to report that bit of non-news?

4 Replies to “Have you seen a large python?”

  1. it’s possible that the hun mentioned that the snake is not on medication so that people aren’t worried that it is likely to develop psychosis or something due to missing its meds.
    maybe. bit obscure.

  2. I used to be the snake handler at a big Pet store I worked at.
    I was the only one that could handle a 15 foot
    Reticulated Python that didn`t get tangled in it.
    Also my roommate at the time had a nearly 7 foot
    Burmese Python that preferred sleeping on me and
    not once did he ever try to hurt my cats that also slept with me.

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