About Flickr; Richmond 3121 Group launched

Flickr is an addictive online photo sharing website. The quality of photos there is humbling. Down below is a little account of how easy it is to get a photo from a camera onto this blog, or onto Flickr. The Collingwood Children’s Farm, and Abbotsford, Melbourne, 3067 groups have been going about as long as this blog, but on the weekend, I set up sister groups for Richmond, Collingwood, Fitzroy and Kew. Above is a beautiful photo characteristic of a school of photographers with monnikers such as Ziz, Nettsu, Lonely Radio, Helen Morgan and — in the case of this beautiful photo — Donina, who delight in finding beauty in urban details, and, in the case of S2uart have nothing less than an obsession with such mundanities as shopping trolleys, an aspect of life which has spawned an online photographic community limited to Melbournians which boasts more than 20 members.This is how easy it is. I point with my camera and click in a way never before possible during history. I plug a little cord into it joining it with my Mac. Iphoto opens and takes over. The photos download. I drag them onto the Flickr uploader icon on the dock (the Mac equivalent of the toolbar) add some tags, hit “upload” and then click the “Open Flickr” button, where I add some titles and the all-important tags, and add them to some groups. Then, it’s just a question of right clicking on the photo and choosing “copy image location” and pasting it into the URL field in the dialog box which opens when I press the “add photo” icon in the blog post writing template in WordPress.

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3 Replies to “About Flickr; Richmond 3121 Group launched”

  1. Probably because it’s an article about Flickr. Blog on any topic where there’s a large userbase and you’ll see a big upspike of traffic.

    The perfect post would be “Abbotsford shop sells half-price iPods, Windows Vista, Flickr accounts and interviews with Steve Jobs” 😉

  2. i lived down st hellier street from 1974 till around 1979we were living in the old house at the bottom of the street my x husband was the head gardener for the convent and my children helped to build the farm when my son was no older than 6 or 7 and my other stepchildren as well they help with the blue stone barn also i gave them there first to angora goats for the farm it has turned out a worthwhile project and has made many a child happy to see all the animals and able to pat them i remember a woman named pam was first to start it when i moved out of the old house she moved in to it

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