Park Hotel’s Third Birthday Party

The Park Hotel duly celebrated its third birthday on April Fool’s Day with a party as advertised, though the sign outside said the party was cancelled due to lack of interest. There was a jazz band, lots of bright young things, and films, then, apparently, DJs.I had a high quality chicken parmigiana which cost $16.50. I photographed it for you:

There was an eclectic collection of short films introduced by a very tall man who I think is named Sean. They ranged from true public service announcements exhorting American kids through the vehicle of music video to respect their moms, black and white warnings from last century to schoolboys against the depravity of homosexuals who have an “illness which can’t be seen”, Gollom’s acceptance speech for best virtual character at the MTV awards, a spoof interview of Elijah Wood by one of his fellow Hobbits posing as a German interviewer, to the winning entry in a competition for film editors to make a trailer out of a movie promising as different as posssible a movie as the actual source movie.

The weather was not on their side, which explains the apparently thin crowds in the photos of the band, and perhaps also the melee of bright young things in the back bar:

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