Rove’s back in Abbo

Abbotsford boy, John McManus, son of John McManus and best known as the crab in Finding Nemo, has apparently got over the sad death by breast cancer on Remembrance Day last year of his young wife, ‘Home and Away’ and ‘All Saints’ actress Belinda Emmett, and the 2004 destruction by fire of his Abbotsford studio. John and Blindy courted for 5 years and were married for less than 2.

The show has had what they call a ‘major overhaul’ and sports a new crew. My great mate the furniture manufacturer across the road says (i) an old lady nearby is going batty and (ii) the new crew are not quite so friendly in response to his garrulous waves from his factory, but he’s giving them time. The first show for a while screened Sunday night, and attracted 1.69 million viewers, two of whom were Miss K and me (all in the name of journalism). There were funny bits, none of which were associated with Ross Noble, and most of which were associated with Hamish Blake and Dave Hughes, but what was Toni Collette thinking when she dressed in a bright yellow dress and red shoes? The Comedy Festival is almost upon us. Hopefully someone has a comedy about the Prime Minister and Mister Hicks. Must get out more.

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