Panama Dining Room

I do like the Panama Dining Room on Smith St. Used to be a pool hall, when the floor below was a Latin Band venue — The Stage — which used to go off, and where I had some of my best evenings. Now The Age is onto it, and here’s their review. In fact, they like it so much they reviewed it again. It has that up 2 flights of stairs, you have to know about it excellence, but unlike so many such places, it is an expansive place once you get up there. There is a free pool table, and apparently on Sundays they have table tennis. They only got a sign recently. This one will be with us for a long time, like Spleen, and The Lounge, and 20 Myers Place. The photo of the Room’s bar is by Ben Richards, one of the Crumpler crew whose HQ is not so far away from the Room. Here are some more of his lovely Room photos:

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  1. This place is rubbish. Over priced drinks and food… for some reason the uber yuppies trying to call Collingwood their home find some sort of comfort here amongst the plastic palms and a poorly placed snooker table. Seriously, if you want to rub shoulders amongst the new young plastic fashionistas (artists need not apply) go ahead. But don’t expect to be entertained with anything above and beyond anything that the new cosmetic trend north of the river has to provide. One word, AWESOME. (Tongue in cheek).

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