Jesuit Social Services’ Abbotsford Biscuits

Now I thought up this story before The Age did. I thought I’d give the Jesuits a plug, but they declined my kind offer, saying they would shortly depart Abbotsford. Apparently The Age is still a more credible journal than this organ of citizen mediacrity. There’s Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen then there’s Loretta Sartori’s work at Abbotsford’s Jesuit Social Services teaching hospitality industry skills to youths visited by the troubles. Part of what they do is make Abbotsford biscuits, which are very good, and should be regarded as a very pleasant way to donate to charity rather than as being very expensive. Sartori’s quite a renowned pastry chef. Of course there’s also Know One Teach One (KOTO) in Hanoi, and Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden project which has just won an NAB Volunteer Award (website here).)

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  1. As well as there is HEAT(Hospitality Employment and Training), delivered by St Kilda Youth Services and William Angliss. HEAT operates in an informal and practical program to assit young people to develop self esteem, gain accredited training qualifications in the hospitality industry, work experience and prepares them for the world of work.
    HEAT supports young people to make a positive transition to secure employment, thus avoiding the negative traps of long term unemployment.

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