About Flickr; Richmond 3121 Group launched

Flickr is an addictive online photo sharing website. The quality of photos there is humbling. Down below is a little account of how easy it is to get a photo from a camera onto this blog, or onto Flickr. The Collingwood Children’s Farm, and Abbotsford, Melbourne, 3067 groups have been going about as long as this blog, but on the weekend, I set up sister groups for Richmond, Collingwood, Fitzroy and Kew. Above is a beautiful photo characteristic of a school of photographers with monnikers such as Ziz, Nettsu, Lonely Radio, Helen Morgan and — in the case of this beautiful photo — Donina, who delight in finding beauty in urban details, and, in the case of S2uart have nothing less than an obsession with such mundanities as shopping trolleys, an aspect of life which has spawned an online photographic community limited to Melbournians which boasts more than 20 members. Continue reading “About Flickr; Richmond 3121 Group launched”

Breakfast at the Collingwood Children’s Farm

Long have I waited before posting about the Collingwood Children’s Farm. Meanwhile, a Farm Flickr group has been created. The first post about Abbotsford’s most precious and wonderful asset was supposed to be fittingly splendid. Well, it’s going to be mundane, just eggs and coffee. For the missing Abbotsford breakfastry is upon us, and in a glorious way that the sniffy author of The Breakfast Blog would probably loathe. His readers seem to think that Collingwood is a “Northern suburb” and Abbotsford rates not a review, while Collingwood rates only two, for Gluttony and Cafe Rosamond which latter I must confess I am now curious about.

The missing breakfastry is the Collingwood Children’s Farm Cafe, open Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 to 4.30 during school holidays and “Wednesday to Sunday otherwise”. Continue reading “Breakfast at the Collingwood Children’s Farm”

Arlo Hammond Balthasar Thwaites

Arlo Hammond Balthazar Thwaites was delivered on 20 March 2006 to Abbotsford residents married at the Collingwood Children’s Farm, Rayner Thwaites and Emily Hammond.

This seems an appropriate point in the blog to mention also baby Saskia. Julian Elliott is now a doctor whom I knew at university. He and his doctor wife came back from a stint of aid work in Cambodia in order to have their child in a hometown hospital. Nicole gave birth to Saskia unexepectedly under a peppercorn tree at the Collingwood Children’s Farm in February, with Julian’s assistance.

May Arlo and Saskia have a happy life; their parents too.