Breakfast at the Collingwood Children’s Farm

Long have I waited before posting about the Collingwood Children’s Farm. Meanwhile, a Farm Flickr group has been created. The first post about Abbotsford’s most precious and wonderful asset was supposed to be fittingly splendid. Well, it’s going to be mundane, just eggs and coffee. For the missing Abbotsford breakfastry is upon us, and in a glorious way that the sniffy author of The Breakfast Blog would probably loathe. His readers seem to think that Collingwood is a “Northern suburb” and Abbotsford rates not a review, while Collingwood rates only two, for Gluttony and Cafe Rosamond which latter I must confess I am now curious about.

The missing breakfastry is the Collingwood Children’s Farm Cafe, open Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 to 4.30 during school holidays and “Wednesday to Sunday otherwise”.  The place is a schemozzle on a scale of the CERES cafe a few kilometres up the Merri Creek Bike Path. Lovers of the breakfast blog would be appalled at the waits for the overpriced organic coffees, the fact that you have to go and get them when you call their name, and that it is kosher to take your plates and put them into big plastic tubs when you’ve finished with them. But it is a winsome schemozzle, a more glorious spot could hardly be imagined, and the food is good, the workers gorgeous, and the sparrows fat. Poached eggs with tomato relish and coffee. Can’t recommend it too highly, particularly combined with a walk along the river, or a break in a ride along the main Yarra bike path (lycra is definitely tolerated). This is the view from the Cafe:

And these are the fat sparrows:

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