“Birdman Eating”: damn good baked eggs on Gertrude St

That’s Tim, presumably the Bird Man himself, proprietor of this oddly named cafe next to Dr Follicles in what was formerly Organic Gertrude on Gertrude St, near Smith St’s corner (9416 4747). What he needs to do is strike up some entrepeneurial deal with the ready reservoir of fellas waiting for a mop chop next door (I’m thinking a brass bell with a rope which travels through the wall to bling bling a couple of minutes before it’s your turn, or a little doorway through which espressos could travel). It’s a spic and span place, probably a bit too s ‘n s for my tastes, but it’s brand new, and cosy clutter will no doubt round off its sharp corners over time. It’s an interesting place with an interesting menu, a breakfastry that lists eggs and bacon as extras, but boasts interesting options including:

  • black pudding with bubble and squeak and poached egg
  • coconut quinoa porridge with banana and palm sugar
  • granola with berry fool
  • home made crumpets with leatherwood honey
  • coconut and papaya toast with lemon & lime marmalade
  • hot cinnamon doughnuts with chocolate sauce
  • ricotta hotcakes with poached fruit and maple syrup
  • girlled asparagus with twice cooked egg (bacon optional)
  • grilled kippers with fried potato and horseradish butter

It’s not cheap — even good coffee just should not cost $2.80 (it should cost $2) and Earl Grey tea definitely should not cost $3.20 [What is the world coming to?]) — but the food’s damn good. I had baked eggs on top of small bits of bacon, asparagus and tomato and it was divine. Miss K had what might have been an even better combo, baked eggs atop really good mushrooms and fontina cheese. I’ll be going back to try the other two varieties of baked eggs, which turn up in miniature very very hot cast iron frying pans.

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  1. I was wondering what that place was. There doesn’t seem to be any signage.

    Next you’ll have to let me know what’s going on at Roundhouse Roti, because even though I go up and down Gertrude st. everyday, I rarely have the time to explore the shops that pop and go so quickly.

    (what’s the go with the fridge shop on the corner of Gertrude and Smith? surely this is a front for dodginess? who buys fridges at 10pm on a Friday night?)

  2. Yes, I am fascinated by the fridge shop too. But perhaps it is just another instance of a shop that has been there for ever, and the shop is owned by the occupier. I kind of like that it’s there, a segue between Smith St and Gertrude St, a canary whose demise will signify that the fumes of gentrification have become overpowering.

  3. Birdman needs to loosen up a little… I had some good food there, but the fellow who waited on me, who I think was the owner, was a bit eager, and put down the bill on my table before I asked for it, which is really irritating. I had considered staying for another coffee, but he seemed to think otherwise, despite the fact the place was fairly empty.
    I guess it’ll wear into its skin over time.

  4. $2 for a coffee?!? i’d love to know where you get your coffee from (and if it’s any good)? these days i think i’m lucky to get away with $2.8 for even a t/a cuppa

  5. The homemade crumpets and leatherwood honey are divine. Coffee is fantastic and I disagree about the pricing. They also have wonderful fresh juice – mandarin and blood orange last time I was there.

  6. Geez friends, what’s not to agree with about the proposition that coffee should cost $2 not $3? It was $1.80 just a couple of years ago. A cup only costs about $0.50 to make. It was an observation at large more than a criticism of this wonderful new eatery which I think’s great.

  7. If you like baked eggs you should absolutely check out “The Breakfast Club” on St George’s rd in Northcote. LOVE that place!

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