Abbotsford’s viet kieu: preliminary readings

Girl near Ga Sai Gon by Tom Harjo (laNDN) at Flickr

The Vietnamese precinct of Abbotsford will be the subject of much analysis on this blog, as will Victoria Street’s restaurants and whether the food they dish up is in fact Vietnamese, or Chinese, or Vietnamese Chinese (Hoa). For the time being, here are links to fascinating Wikipedia articles about the Vietnamese, the Vietnamese diaspora generally (its participants are the “viet kieu“), that part of it which came to Australia, other Little Saigons about the world, and that Richmond boy, Van Tuong Nguyen. And here’s the link, for good measure, to Vietnam, and to the American War, as the Vietnamese call the bit after they beat the Frogs. The photo is by Tom Harjo of LA at Flickr, and is titled “Girl near Ga Sai Gon”.

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