5 Replies to “Wellington St, Collingwood housing commission flats.”

  1. Good Shepherd are putting together a 2008 calendar and would like to know if we could use this photograph as we are active in Collingwood. Would need photographer’s details to seek permission and ask if we could get it in a larger format.

  2. Hi there

    I grew up in Collingwood from 1964-1976 always interested to see what is happening there.I live in Perth now very boring 🙂


  3. i too grew up in collingwood from 1959-1968. they were such good times. i now live in malta. not boring at all as i have a lovely family and enjoy life the mediterranean way. this is such a good blog. keeps me intouch with whatever is going on downunder. so sad to hear st.joseph’s burnt down. that’s where i went to mass all those years ago.


  4. We lived on the 20th floor from 1976-1992. I loved it; so much infact that I’m working on getting a 6part television series specificly on the Wellington flats. If anyboys got interesting stories specific to the Collingwood flats let me know. Its well overdue.

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