Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder reviewed

Here’s John Lethlean’s review of Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder, the restaurant that goes along with the newly renovated cheese room.  I don’t say it’s cheap, but the queues at the door are evidence of the fact that it is not charging above market. Damn they do a good breakfast. It’s a 14/20 in Breakfast blog‘s and John Lethlean’s opinion alike. Thanks to S2uart for the photo, which is in fact from the Cafe itself.

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  1. Hello there,
    Speaking of not cheap, I think it was you who once lamented the rising price of breakfast? If so, you’ll be pleased to know I’ve started tracking it on the breakfast blog. I’ve got the 2006 egg and bacon pricing for about 70 venues and, based on the average ($10.01), I’ve started the BB100 index, which, no doubt, will soon rival the FTSE…

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