More crime: an evening of multiple carjackings

Three cars were attacked by a gang of hoodlums in Collingwood late at night on Wednesday 21 February 2007. Three men approached a 43 year old woman stopped at lights on Hoddle St, threatened to kill her, and ordered her to get out. She did, and it was later found dumped. An hour earlier, carjackers had reached into the open driver’s window of another car and tried to pull the car keys out, while the other reached into the passenger’s window and grabbed a handbag from a woman. The driver was punched in the head. That was at the Johnston and Wellington Streets intersection.

In the other incident, two carjackers punched a driver in the nose through the car window, but he managed to speed away with his wife and young daughter safe.

A 19 year old has been arrested.

Meanwhile, a man has been arrested after a woman was thrown from the bonnet of a moving car turning into Hoddle St from Johnston St in Abbotsford and hospitalised with head injuries on 26 February 2007. It is said they had been arguing. The man has been charged with failing to stop at an accident, failing to render assistance and handling stolen goods.

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  1. There is no such thing as the Wellington Street and Hoddle Street intersection. Sorry to be such an editor.

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