Locals: Gertrudes, Lambs Go Bar, The Vic

Well, The Age bar reviewers have been hard at work, recently reviewing:

  • Gertrudes at the Exhibition Gardens end of Gertrude St in Fitzroy (pushing the boundaries of this little blog’s sphere of interest, it has to be said), owned by an astrophysicist and with lawyers pulling beer (apparently);
  • The Vic, on the corner of Park St and Victoria St (I endorse the sentiments of the reviewer and was fascinated and delighted to learn that you can have Victoria St Vietnamese delivered there); and
  • Lambs Go Bar, a bluestone building in Greeves St, just off Smith St, boasting 100 beers at any one time and has an amusing website. The first Tuesday of every month is “Wheel of Beer” where $5 buys you a spin of the wheel and a random beer from their selection.

All places where you have a good chance of avoiding glitterati, if that’s your thing, as it is often mine. The photo is of Portland’s Jeff Wallen‘s grandfather’s beer collection.

2 Replies to “Locals: Gertrudes, Lambs Go Bar, The Vic”

  1. thumbs up for the Lambs Go Bar – the Wheel of Beer’s great fun when you go there to have a go, though if you find yourself there on a Tuesday night by accident it gets in the way of your quiet chat with a few mates. I guess now it’s not every week (like it used to be?) it’s not so bad. Popping across the road to Deelish(?) for their Tuesday night Sri Lankan buffet is a great way to have a break from one’s night of beer, too.

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