Hoodlum slashes cabbie; cabbie robs old lady; sniper guns down cyclist

A wave of curious crimes is sweeping over our area. On 19 March a thin Asian hoodlum who seemed to be about 17 years old slashed a cabbie with a knife after getting in on Victoria St, prompting calls for the installation of security screens. Down the road in Thomastown Kathleen Kelsen, an 84 year old woman, probably supports those calls after a cabbie stole $400 from her by convincing her that others had used her taxi card without her knowledge, but that she was responsible for the bill. And in Northcote, Melinda Zygarlicki was shot in the lungs by an unknown sniper whilst crossing a bridge over Merri Creek near Rushall Station on the Merri Bike Path. She thought she had been branded by a tennis ball, or that a bird had flown into her, and rode the rest of the way home. The Herald Sun seems to know something Melinda doesn’t since they are sure that the sniper was a “gunman“. For the photo, thanks to Puss in Boots, a Kuwaiti girl obsessed with Manga.

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