Dinner at the Terminus

It had been a long time since I went to the Terminus, so I went over for dinner last evening. It is a good place, and the food is top nosh. Miss K went out on a limb and had a lentil and pumpkin tagine and was not disappointed, while I had a chicken parmigiana which was better than the Carringush’s. As usual, either meal would have done us both.And here’s the front bar, as it appeared to my camera last night (it had had a bit too much to drink as its wrist cord was drooping at one stage into my pint of amber ale and was wicking up into its thirsty little central processing unit):

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  1. I didn’t think it was possible to order a parma on the spot? Don’t you have to order it at least a day in advance?

    If this is truely the case, I think they should also put a regular parma on the menu too. The Terminus is just down the road from me and on many occasion I have wanted to just drop in at the last moment for a parma and beer…

  2. terminus.com.auAaaahh maybe I’m thinking of the wrong Terminus! I’m referring to the one in Clifton Hill (492 Queens Parade), not in Richmond:


    The menu seems to have changed in the last 1-2 months though and now the Parma’s (of any kind) are nowhere to be seen! (I’ll go back and look a bit more closely though….)

    And that’s what I’m talking about 😉

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