Dight’s Falls to be rebuilt

Update, 18 November: Here’s an article from The Age which suggests that the Channel Deepening Project may see toxic sludge disturbed by the dredging wash back up the 22 km long tidal estuary of the Yarra all the way up to Dight’s Falls, bringing foul smells with it.

Original article: Well, it’s not the most interesting news in the world, but apparently Dight’s Falls is to be rebuilt so that it looks just the same. Apparently they’re going to have a public consulation. They’re going to make an even better fish ladder to help little fishies, and eels to get over the big bump. Did you know that the eels that live in the Yarra can actually get out, walk around the falls, and get back in? That’s what the web says. What I’d like are some stepping stones across the top so you can walk over it safely. Anyone else?

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  1. I have been in contact with Melbourne Water and they intend rebuilding the wier wall sometime during 2009. It was last repaied in the late 1960’s.

  2. I have been to 2 Melbourne Water sessions in 2010 and they are going to build a new weir at Dight's Falls because the exisiting one which is 100+ years old has been patched up a few times but now the timers are rotten and cannot be replaced. The new weir will be in the same location so the aesthetics will look the same. The fish ladder will be 50+ meters long and built to the side of the weir in a V shape, based on designs used successfully elsewhere. look for work to start at the end of 2010 or early 2011.

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