Denton Mills business card of James Hobson Turner


Simon Turner, James Hobson Turner’s great great grandson, has sent me this scan of James’s business card showing what he describes as “the original factory” of Denton Mills. I’m not sure whether what is depicted is in Abbotsford or in Elizabeth St Melbourne. Simon tells me that:

‘It appears James helped establish his son Henry on a property “Deighton”, in Bengworden near Bairnsdale. Henry’s son William carried on the property, then my father Graeme moved to where we still farm today, in Bindi near Omeo.’

If anyone knows anything about James, let me know, and I will pass it on to Simon.

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  1. cant really shed any light on this, but 50 elizabeth street is the NE corner of flinders lane, the building that has been redevloped many times since, its now the luggage store at the bottom of a massively unattractive 70s office and retail block.

  2. Hi I was just scrolling thru the Hobson list and came across this entry. I have no info re the Australian business but it is coincidental that Denton in Lancashire was the centre of felt hat manufacturing. My ancestor John Hobson born 1817 married into the Bond family who ran a highly successful felt hat business in Denton. John Hobson was a dyer and would have had dealings with the Bonds. The term “Mad as a hatter” originated thru the workers being overpowered by the chemicals used in the industry. Regards Ted Hobson ,(Fremantle WA)

  3. Your photo would be Elizabeth St. ‘The Denton’ was still standing in Abbotsford at least until the middle of last century. My grandmother worked there as a hat trimmer in the 1880s.

  4. This is a message for Simon, we are trying to find out how many children James Hobson Turner had. We are trying to find out whether he had a large family and if he had a daughter named eleanor elizabeth/ eliza jane turner. We believe she left home young and married Frederick Delsar?

  5. Is this the correct family???
    James Turner 1854 – 1854 Mary Ellen Turner 1855 – 1944 Henry Allcard Turner 1857 – 1914 William Smith Turner 1859 – 1914 James Hobson Turner 1861 – 1932 Sarah Turner 1863 – 1923 Margaret Maggie Turner 1865 – 1936 Ada Jane Turner 1867 – 1918 Alice Turner 1869 –

    1. Lianne – spot on!

      My great+ grandmother was Sarah Turner. I've since found a photo of James Hobson Turner and family. What's your connection?


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