Crap local papers

Here is what the Leader Group of local newspapers tells advertisers about the area in which the real estate ad wrapped in a couple of dumb local stories titled Melbourne Leader is distributed. 475,000 people with household incomes over $80,000 most of them earning more than $100,000. Probably inflated, but still. The only function of the Melbourne Leader homepage, such as it is, seems to be to encourage advertisers to advertise there. There doesn’t seem any way to search for local content online and look it up for free. This blog aims to be everything which Melbourne Leader is not, and spleen which is directed at the monumental waste of paper which these dreadful publications are is warmly encouraged here.

The dude is certainly not reading Melbourne Leader and the advertising department is almost certainly not interested in him. The photo is one of a brilliant Hawaii set by an American going as Konaman at Flickr.

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