Old photographs of Abbotsford on the web

I have discovered a collection of old photographs of the area covered by the now City of Yarra. This is one of them, described as:

“A view of the privately-owned timber bridge which used to cross the Yarra in Abbotsford at the end of Church Street. It was also known as the Penny Bridge because of the penny toll charged to cross it. The bridge was built in 1857 and demolished around 1899. On the extreme right of the photo can be seen the veranda of a house, probably one of the two still standing by the river at this location. On the far side of the bridge is a tall chimney which possibly belongs to the Vauxhall Distillery then located at the intersection of Church Street and the Yarra. A picket fence runs along the bank of the river.” Continue reading “Old photographs of Abbotsford on the web”

The Harold Boot Company, gipps st

According to a website called Valley Country:

The Harold Boot Company traces its history back to 15th Century Leicestershire where Ian Harold’s ancestors were bespoke shoe makers. In 1912, Frederick Harold came to Australia to source raw materials and establish local production facilities. The Australian business thrived, with strong sales in both local and overseas markets. Continue reading “The Harold Boot Company, gipps st”

Skipping Girl gets heritage listed

The Skipping Girl got heritage listed. Apparently, she is known as “Little Audrey”. According to News.com:

“The sign, above 651 Victoria Street, … was erected in 1970 to replace the original 1930s sign, which was the first animated neon sign in Victoria and sat above the Skipping Girl Vinegar Factory until 1968.

The newer ‘Audrey’ is slightly smaller than the original and has slightly longer hair, with her dress flying up higher at the back.”