About Flickr; Richmond 3121 Group launched

Flickr is an addictive online photo sharing website. The quality of photos there is humbling. Down below is a little account of how easy it is to get a photo from a camera onto this blog, or onto Flickr. The Collingwood Children’s Farm, and Abbotsford, Melbourne, 3067 groups have been going about as long as this blog, but on the weekend, I set up sister groups for Richmond, Collingwood, Fitzroy and Kew. Above is a beautiful photo characteristic of a school of photographers with monnikers such as Ziz, Nettsu, Lonely Radio, Helen Morgan and — in the case of this beautiful photo — Donina, who delight in finding beauty in urban details, and, in the case of S2uart have nothing less than an obsession with such mundanities as shopping trolleys, an aspect of life which has spawned an online photographic community limited to Melbournians which boasts more than 20 members. Continue reading “About Flickr; Richmond 3121 Group launched”

A day of unhealthy eating on Johnston St: Bomb, Ilk Bar, Kooshi

Yesterday my curiosity about this place prompted me to detour from my otherwise rigidly fixed route to work on my bike, in my suit. It doesn’t exactly leap out at you when driving past as the missing breakfastry of Abbotsford, and even after peering through this window last Sunday when it was closed, its true nature did not reveal itself, but Bomb Cafe & Bar, as I have discovered it is known (229 Johnston St, not far from the corner of Hoddle St, 9486 0699) is a great spot. Like so many long thin places on Johnston St, a small front section gives onto a middle room and then a magnificent back yard graced by a large peppercorn tree. The hot breakfast menu looked promising, the people behind the coffee machines engaging, but I had a pastry with custard and raspberries with my coffee. Steak, red wine, and salad followed by cheese and walnuts at Vue de Monde didn’t really help at lunch. Continue reading “A day of unhealthy eating on Johnston St: Bomb, Ilk Bar, Kooshi”

I went for a walk on Johnston St

And I liked this barber’s shop window.

Having never previously meandered along Johnston St by Shank’s pony, I had thought it to be one of the world’s most ugly thoroughfares. I found the details I spotted on foot charming. It has other things going for it once it arrives in the ‘wood too: Ilk Bar, which used to be a milk bar and the emblem of which is an elk, and Kooshi (formerly Good Morning Captain). Back in Abbotsford proper is this nameless place, which I think must be the one that the Abbotsford psychiatrist I met at a party the other day swore was a perfect but overlooked place to have weekend breakfasts. Some other photos from the walk are here.