Inaugural Slow Food Market at the Abbotsford Convent

I popped into the first Slow Food Market at the Convent today, arriving just in time to hear a politician give quite a short speech. It was that old Melbourne Grammarian who ended up as the Member for Broadmeadows but has never lived in the electorate, the Minister for Regional Development, the Treasurer, Mr John Brumby. Here he is having a chuckle with Maggie Maguire, the Convent’s CEO. Unbound by any code of ethics whatever, I nevertheless deleted the photograph of the treasurer flanked brilliantly by a toddler because the bastard blinked and looked kind of goofy. So you know now you’re reading a quality broadsheet. Continue reading “Inaugural Slow Food Market at the Abbotsford Convent”

“Birdman Eating”: damn good baked eggs on Gertrude St

That’s Tim, presumably the Bird Man himself, proprietor of this oddly named cafe next to Dr Follicles in what was formerly Organic Gertrude on Gertrude St, near Smith St’s corner (9416 4747). What he needs to do is strike up some entrepeneurial deal with the ready reservoir of fellas waiting for a mop chop next door (I’m thinking a brass bell with a rope which travels through the wall to bling bling a couple of minutes before it’s your turn, or a little doorway through which espressos could travel). It’s a spic and span place, probably a bit too s ‘n s for my tastes, but it’s brand new, and cosy clutter will no doubt round off its sharp corners over time. It’s an interesting place with an interesting menu, a breakfastry that lists eggs and bacon as extras, but boasts interesting options including: