All the Pubs and Bars and some of the beers of Abbotsford

Here’s a useful starting point for an exploration of Abbotsford’s pubs and bars.

Unless my Google search skills aren’t up to it, though, Abbotsford doesn’t have any happy hours featured at The Happiest which an acquaintance of mine claims to run, or to have invented, or something.

When in Abbotsford, do as the Abbotsrigines do and drink Abbotsford Invalid Stout, or Abbots Lager, or Abbotsford Sparkling (or any other CUB product of course), or a Mountain Goat beer, though that’s pretty weird, and actually from next-door Richmond.  Beer critic Willie Simpson says of the Sparkling:

“Abbotsford Sparkling Ale is another heavyweight contender (8.5 per cent A/V), which CUB created to celebrate a century of brewing at Abbotsford. Unfortunately, this rich, malty ‘barley wine’ won’t be released commercially, but it does prove the big boys can make serious specialty beers.”

The photo, by a Norwegian living in Malaysia who was in the Galapagos Islands at the time is from Aliasgrace’s wonderful collection of images at Flickr.

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