Abbotsford to get an unpasteurised cheese lesson too; Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder Cheese Club

Epicure again: this time a profile on Gabrielle Kervella, doyenne of goat’s cheese, and the shepherd to 180 goats of Gidgegannup, in the Avon Valley near Perth. She’s leading a session on unpasteurised cheeses at this weekend’s A Taste of Slow Festival at the Abbotsford Convent (which up to 10,000 people are expected to attend). Meanwhile, I was given a membership to the Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder Cheese Club recently. The Cafe certainly serves up a good breakfast. But am I on a slippery slope which ends with buying a Saab fresh from the factory? They offer cheese and wine matching workshops, but I have my own philosophy: expensive cheese and cheap wine. Cheap cheese is junk, but cheap wine is fine. Man are their cheeses expensive, but gee is it nice to go into that room full of cheeses whose ooze is repelled by special wooden cheese ooze planks. Go there, and get some Heide gruyere from Tasmania, or some Edith’s Cheese, or half an Edel de Claron (and then eat it while it’s fresh), and some quince paste, and some white bread. Slice it thickly. Butter it. Slice the best tomatoes you can find onto it, with a nice razor sharp knife. Use liberal amounts of salt and pepper. Slice cheese over the top. You will be eating my favourite food, with the possible exception of dolmades, a truly overrpriced food.

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