Abbotsford man gets underwear brief at girlfriend’s instigation heard it here second folks (first was the Herald Sun). Please Adam, Abbotsford Blog needs a photo of you! The Hun article says:

‘WE’VE had Victorian Travis Fimmel in his smalls as a Calvin Klein poster boy; now, it’s Adam Baker’s turn.

The Abbotsford personal trainer/barman beat hundreds of hopefuls around the nation to be the first “face” of Alpha Male underwear.’

“I was quite a stunned mullet when I was told,” said Baker, 25, whose girlfriend, Rachael, entered him in the competition.

“I thought it was a joke. It wasn’t until I had a few follow-up calls that I realised it was legit.”

Baker, who can be seen in the brand’s ad campaign at K mart, won himself a “truckload” of undies.

“I only have to do underwear washing once a month now, so that’s pretty handy,” he said.’

Thanks go to Peter Volsky of Virginia for the photo.

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  1. So, what was the first thought when he saw ‘truckload’ of undies? I must say that was a coool prize 🙂
    I guess Adam don’t need to purchase any more undies for the next few years.

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