Abbotsford: 6th most burgled Melbourne suburb

Now this is truly bizarre. I cannot understand why this article on Melbourne suburbs’ burglary rates appeared in Adelaide’s Advertiser. But what it says is not good. One in 17 Abbotsford residences is burgled each year, the most burgled suburb is next-door Collingwood, and we’re almost 3 times more likely than the average Melburnian to have our stuff nicked (some hooligan took our back door off its hinges and rested it up against the back wall of our house 6 months ago):


“Home insurer the RACV has reviewed Melbourne’s crime statistics to see which suburbs are most at risk of burglaries.

It found Collingwood, with its high-rise flats and crammed terrace houses, and Caroline Springs, with its brand new homes set on quarter-acre blocks, were the two suburbs where homes were most likely to be burgled.

The review found on average, one in 12 Collingwood homes was burgled each year and that one in 13 homes were burgled each year in Caroline Springs and adjoining Deer Park, which shares the same postcode.

The results far exceed the state average, of one in 48 homes being burgled each year.

The next suburbs on the burglar hit list were inner-city Fitzroy (one in 14), Braybrook (one in 16), Abbotsford (one in 17) and Malvern East, Caulfield East and Parkville (one in 19).”

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  1. Northcote you say?
    They are currently sitting pretty at 27th on the list with a 1 in 34 chance of being burgled, which is still well above the national average.

    Stay in your homes people.

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