24 Feb Slow Food Farmers Market to feature Artists Studios Open Day

I got the Convent’s latest Muse and share its news with youse:

  • all coffee sold in the precinct is to be roasted on-site between 10 and 1 on Saturdays by John Frangoulis of Melba Coffee, and all the raw beans are to be purchased from like really aware free ranging chooks, as Tim and Debbie might have put it (ahh, but I show my age…);
  • there’s going to be a free concert by Orchestra Victoria on 11 February 2006 — first 120 people to arrive get in free, everyone else misses out, no bookings (9694 3600);
  • 3MBS is having an open day on Saturday 3 March 2007 between 10 and 2 (book on 9416 1035);
  • next Sunday Arts at the Convent is on 4 March 2007 between 10 and 5;
  • next slow food farmers market is on 24 February 2007, and attendances at the third one (1,570) were up almost 400 on the first one, and the City of Yarra gave the Convent Foundation and the Slow Food Movement an Australia Day Award;
  • most excitingly, that same day, the artists and “wellbeing practitioners” who have studios in the Convent Building are going to open them up between 10 and 4.

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  1. This is a really well set-out site and there is welcome news of Abbotsford Convent events. The Victorian Music Teachers’ Association office was open for the February Open Studio Day at the Convent and it was a delight to meet so many interested people. Although many of them were even more interested in the bar/cafe next door.

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