According to a spreadsheet clickable from this part of The Age yesterday, the median price of Abbotford houses for the March 2006 quarter was $434,000, up 4.6% on the December quarter. Collingwood is up 0.9%, Richmond up 2.5%, Kew 5.5%, but Clifton Hill is down 4.1%, and Fitzroy down 3.8% (while North Fitzroy is up 13.2%: go figure). Only Kew and Richmond had at least 30 sales which seems to be a measure of statistical reliability. Prices in Docklands plummeted, hehe. The photo is of a house I loved when I visited Jeparit recently, where there was a 76% rise in property values over one year. Jeparit’s booming, baby!

Sean D: photographer laureate of Fitzroy and the world of coffee

At Books for Cooks last weekend, I bought a Sean D photocard of a 1950s Gaggia coffee machine, a beautiful thing. Anyone who’s spent a bit of time wandering down Brunswick St of a weekend has probably bumped into Sean, his card table, and his photocards. He takes beautiful photos of coffee and cafes (and other things), and his website has pages devoted to Indian Coffee Houses and Cuban Cafe Culture. Blogging makes you google your day’s events, and I googled Sean D only to learn that he has these twin plans: to cycle from Oslo to Cape Town, and to walk 3700 km from Prague to Santiago de Compostella, the great pilgrimmage mecca for European Catholics. He is an eccentric, and a likeable one, and one whose grand amibitions I am delighted to finance in a minimal and occasional way.

Yarra Bicyle Users Group

On my twirls along Yarra Boulevard this morning, I found out about Yarra BUG, a kind of community cell of Bicycle Victoria folks from Abbotsford, Alphington, Burnley, North Carlton, Clifton Hill, Cremorne, Collingwood, Fairfield, Fitzroy, North Fitzroy, Princes Hill and Richmond. They are leading the campaign for the removal of the Gipps St steps, those dreadful steps which cyclists and walkers need to descend from Gipps St heading away from the city and towards the Convent, the Children’s Farm, and Dights Falls. People coming from any of those places and heading towards the Botanic Gardens and the City, nead to dismount and push their bikes up little concrete channels next to the stairs. Continue reading “Yarra Bicyle Users Group”