Shooter of cyclist on Merri Creek bike path fined $6,000 & ordered to do 100 hours’ community work

I have earlier reported the shooting of Melinda Zygarlicki, noting with amazement the fact that she thought she had been struck by a tennis ball, and continued riding home. This is a crime with a quicker than usual denouement — I read in the paper just a day or two ago of the sentencing of one of the characters who carved up one bloke with a sword after a fight over a girl in July 2002 and chased two others, instilling such fear into them that they jumped into the Yarra and drowned — no doubt because Andrew Pernell turned himself into police and then pleaded guilty to firearms offences. ABC Online reported: Continue reading “Shooter of cyclist on Merri Creek bike path fined $6,000 & ordered to do 100 hours’ community work”

Travel Smart Maps: you gotta get one

The Yarra City Council staffs card-table stalls to promote public transport at places where Yarravites throng of a weekend: the Taste of Slow Festival, Richmond’s Gleadall St Market, etc. Amongst the badly arranged bits of paper with very useless information about walking and public transport are something truly useful to cyclists, a “Travel Smart” map about twice A3 size which folds into just a bit bigger than the largest, oblong, post-it notes. On the back are some really stupid bits to prove it’s created by the government, like this warning: “Walking and cycling, like any physical activity, are potentially hazardous. Use your commonsense [sic.].  Stay within your abilities, wear protective equipment and follow any applicable laws.” But there are more useful bits too, like lists of local bike shops, bike riding groups, train, tram and bus routes, and details of car sharing groups. If you want one — and you do — you can write to Kate Simnett, the Sustainable Transport Officer at Continue reading “Travel Smart Maps: you gotta get one”

Flow, a cafe on the bike path, near the Skipping Girl

On the way to Kew on Victoria St, or on the bike path, (or even on the river), depending on your perspective, is Flow. I rode past it regularly, then my dad said it was great, then Matt Preston seems to have given it the thumbs up. It certainly has a good location. I haven’t been there yet, but more when I have. Matt says:

“It’s a great spot. The look is modern, without being cold, and this cosy cottage is a warren of places to sit. Panels of swirly fabric cover one wall, while the bar is fronted by dark-stained timber blocks. The room is open to the roof beams and the floor is laid with rough, stone pavers stained charcoal. The best places to sit are by windows – in a comfy, raised red booth or at the narrow window ledge. …

We’ll come back again for their smoked salmon pizette or that burger, or maybe breakfast. I’ll order scrambled eggs with chorizo and some porridge with palm sugar and sultanas”.

They’re open from breakfast to afternoon tea and on Friday nights for drinks.