Sean D: photographer laureate of Fitzroy and the world of coffee

At Books for Cooks last weekend, I bought a Sean D photocard of a 1950s Gaggia coffee machine, a beautiful thing. Anyone who’s spent a bit of time wandering down Brunswick St of a weekend has probably bumped into Sean, his card table, and his photocards. He takes beautiful photos of coffee and cafes (and other things), and his website has pages devoted to Indian Coffee Houses and Cuban Cafe Culture. Blogging makes you google your day’s events, and I googled Sean D only to learn that he has these twin plans: to cycle from Oslo to Cape Town, and to walk 3700 km from Prague to Santiago de Compostella, the great pilgrimmage mecca for European Catholics. He is an eccentric, and a likeable one, and one whose grand amibitions I am delighted to finance in a minimal and occasional way.

A King Walk from The Carringbush to Dights Falls

After some beers, you proceed from the Carringbush Hotel up Raphael St and right along Gipps St, down to the pedestrian bridge across the Yarra.

You are in a beautiful part of Studley Park called F.A. Andrews Reserve, where there is a public toilet according to the National Public Toilet Map. Once there, you may see something like the first photo, particularly if you wear glasses and smear them with Vaseline around the edges, or are misty eyed by melancholy. It is the chimney of the Carlton & United Breweries.

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