Gertrude Street blogged and a beautiful new blog discovered

I came across the gorgeous blog of Melbournienne Lucy Feagins.  She has done a great job blogging Gertrude St.  The beautiful photo of Amor y Locura above is hers.  I find so few blogs that I really want to read these days, but this is one of them. It’s so what blogs should be like: journalism without the corruption.  And with good photos.  Good blogs need good photos.  Free and ad-free.  But hers even boasts hand-drawn maps to die for.

Apart from Gertrude St, it has much of interest to whatever remains of Abbotsford Blog’s readership after its sad neglect by me.  For example, her posts on:

But then just about everything else is likely to be of interest.

White shoed man robs Smith St shop

A 1 metre 83 centimetres tall man with white shoes and an afro stood outside a Smith St clothes shop for 2 hours last night and then went in and demanded cash. The police say “The man forced [two] women into a rear room and made one woman get on the floor. He then grabbed the other woman by the arm and forced her to open the cash register,” which she did. Why this was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald is a mystery.

Abbotsford Convent Slow Food Farmers Market Tomorrow

Yep, it’s true, and no politicians this time. From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. See, $2 entry and $2 parking. It’s a plastic bag free zone, so bring baskets, trolleys, and bags of your own. See previous posts here and here.

The Melbourne Farmers’ Markets website’s blurb is:

“Farmers’ markets are at the heart of Slow Food. It’s not just the most direct source of fresh produce but also a genuine, accessible way for the public to find the real story on how our food is farmed.

…The market will illustrate Slow Food principles and the Victorian Farmers’ Market Association criteria and be all proceeds will be directed back into local Slow Food endorsed projects.

This is simply about Victorian farmers getting what they deserve for their efforts and consumers getting value for what they pay for…. no long cold storage, no gases, no over processed chemical laden foods and no GMOs. Just delicious, nourishing seasonal foods in an atmosphere that promotes conviviality and community.

Come and find seasonal, organic and low/no chemical fruit and vegetables, free range, rare breed and heritage meats, fish, chooks and eggs. Then there’s handmade cheeses, pasta, condiments, bread, honey, olive oil, flowers, seedlings and much, much more.”

Dates for the next 6 markets are: 23 December, 27 January, 24 March, 28 April, 26 May,  and 23 June.

The Renown Tavern; The Louisiana Shakers

On Monday it was my special holiday. Miss K was at work. Just enough colleagues were as well that I could relish the schadenfreude so essential for a successful random day off. I ambled up to eat baked eggs at Birdman Eating, coffee at Gertrude St Enoteca (sorry Dr Java), and get my mop chopped at Dr Follicles. Folly was closed and so was Birdy. That was a blow. Shaggy haired and hardened by hunger, the coffee at Gert’s no longer appealed. I tried Dante’s, but Maria wasn’t there. No one new me. The place was empty. I popped across the road to the Renown Tavern, one of the least blinged-up pubs in the inner city. A former manager who left in “very bitter circumstances” had gaily advertised the unrenovated air of the place in chalk on the side of the building, and I thought any place in Fitzroy that advertised its lack of renovation warranted a visit in order to stave off renovation any longer. Continue reading “The Renown Tavern; The Louisiana Shakers”