Collingwood blue collar crim burgles disgraced white collar feller, then stabs local in the back

Collingwood man Richard John Lovett (more recently of Bundoora) burgled he whom the press are carefully describing as ‘disgraced millionaire businessman’ Steve Vizard’s then Toorak mansion while Steve and the kids were at home slumbering. You may recall that little Stephanie V. woke up to find him rifling through her things, in her bedroom. Security cameras at the disgraced white collar feller’s lair had Lovett and a mate in the mansion for 40 minutes. Remarkably, after the altercation outside with Stephanie’s dad, that same evening Mr Lovett went on to burgle another house nearby. Then, in Collingwood the following day, he stabbed a man in the back, puncturing his lung, in the course of the Harmworth St liberation of a backpack, clothing, and a gold necklace in a street robbery graced by a 20cm long blade. Continue reading “Collingwood blue collar crim burgles disgraced white collar feller, then stabs local in the back”

Have you seen a large python?

If so, please return to its owner, or ring 000. It’s 3m long. It’s as thick as an arm.  It escaped from a balcony at  Tim Marshall’s Noone St, Clifton Hill apartment on the 9th, where it had lived with another carpet python for a decade. They suspect it might be in your roof, or up a tree. The police suggest not leaving little birds outside in little cages, but the opinion on that is divergent.  Tim says the snake ate well last week, so not to worry. The Hun reported that the snake is not on any medication.  And this, for me, is the fascinating bit of the story.  What motivated Patrick Horan to report that bit of non-news?

Collingwood man opens door. Four men in black shoot him. Scary men too, by the sounds of it.

I have to say, Wellington St between Johnston St and Gertrude St is not a nice place. In fact, it’s the closest to a slum I know of in Melbourne (see pic of a side street off Wellington St).  At twenty to eight in the evening of Sunday 28 October 2007, a Collingwood man answered a knock on his Wellington St unit’s front door. Four black-clad men shot him in the lower body. He’s still alive. Sounds like a reprise of the gangland murders a bit too close to home for my liking. Continue reading “Collingwood man opens door. Four men in black shoot him. Scary men too, by the sounds of it.”

Drug-freaked yellow racer killer jailed for 8; update: 3 stabbed in Fitzroy

Dale Phillip Ward, formerly of Nicholson St, Abbotsford, fell into difficulties when his brother was convicted of murder, and committed suicide in jail in a drug overdose. His brother’s girlfriend was murdered too, her dismembered body dumped into the lake at Monash University. Ward used dope, amphetamines, ecstasy and ice, and developed a drug induced psychosis. Almost 2 years ago, in 2005, he stabbed Alex Cooper four times in the chest and once in the arm and killed him. He was charged with manslaughter and other offences from what the Herald Sun describes as “a crime spree”, and pleaded guilty. Sounds awfully like a plea bargain to me.  Update,  29 April  2007: more stabbings at more public housing estates. Continue reading “Drug-freaked yellow racer killer jailed for 8; update: 3 stabbed in Fitzroy”

One kilogram of methamphetamine posted to Collingwood address

A Melton South man and a Tasmanian stand charged with imorting a kilogram of methamphetamine worth $400,000 in a lever arch folder posted from Canada. Pretty poor disguise I would have thought — drug importers should at least make the effort to conceal drugs in hollow statutes. Customs detected the drugs, substituted salt or somesuch for the methamphetamine, made a controlled delivery, and nabbed the pair whom they associate with the alleged importation.

Wet skater corpse linked with Dights Falls tattooed lady corpse

Not exactly fresh news, this, a week old in fact, but I got a bit busy recently. The things we don’t know: apparently the Homicide Squad was earnestly looking for fallen skater Ben Pappas (pictured here and here) since not so long after his ex-girlfriend’s — Lynette Phillips’s — corpse was removed from Dights Falls and he promptly disappeared.

Pappas once earned $15,000 a month ranked second on the international skating circuit, but he said that at 13 he was smoking marijuana “flat out” every day, first used coke at 15, was a regular user two years later, and by 18 it was “part of my diet”. In 1999, when he was 21, the County Court confiscated his passport for 3 years for smuggling 100g of the stuff into Australia in his shoe.

A small patch of blood, Continue reading “Wet skater corpse linked with Dights Falls tattooed lady corpse”