Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder reviewed

Here’s John Lethlean’s review of Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder, the restaurant that goes along with the newly renovated cheese room.  I don’t say it’s cheap, but the queues at the door are evidence of the fact that it is not charging above market. Damn they do a good breakfast. It’s a 14/20 in Breakfast blog‘s and John Lethlean’s opinion alike. Thanks to S2uart for the photo, which is in fact from the Cafe itself.

Travel Smart Maps: you gotta get one

The Yarra City Council staffs card-table stalls to promote public transport at places where Yarravites throng of a weekend: the Taste of Slow Festival, Richmond’s Gleadall St Market, etc. Amongst the badly arranged bits of paper with very useless information about walking and public transport are something truly useful to cyclists, a “Travel Smart” map about twice A3 size which folds into just a bit bigger than the largest, oblong, post-it notes. On the back are some really stupid bits to prove it’s created by the government, like this warning: “Walking and cycling, like any physical activity, are potentially hazardous. Use your commonsense [sic.].  Stay within your abilities, wear protective equipment and follow any applicable laws.” But there are more useful bits too, like lists of local bike shops, bike riding groups, train, tram and bus routes, and details of car sharing groups. If you want one — and you do — you can write to Kate Simnett, the Sustainable Transport Officer at Continue reading “Travel Smart Maps: you gotta get one”