40,000 page loads

Wowee. Seems I started this blog in February and it took 6 months, until 23 August 2006 to get to 20,000 page loads. Now, two months later, the 40,000th page load has occurred, today. You wouldn’t know if from the parsimonious lack of comments you readers leave.

Let me tell you something. We bloggers like comments. We like looking at your websites if you have them. If you like the blog, tell me. A comment that says “interesting” or “who cares?” will be cherished. So, who are you? What do you think? Why do you glide so silently through my blog?

Minh Phat

The Foodies Guide to Melbourne seems to have just come into a new 2007 edition. In expounding the theory that Melbourne is the food capital of Australia, one of its authors, Allan Campion, makes special mention of the refurbished Minh Phat, an Asian supermarket which has set up one vacant lot back from the corner of Nicholson and Victoria Sts in Abbotsford, in what was recently a truly dreadful furniture store of large proportion which I was surprised struggled on as long as it did. This is kind of the Ikea of Asian supermarkets, though I have not spent much time in there yet. Keep meaning to. I paid $3 for a plastic packet of coriander in Clifton Hill this morning and wished I had had the time to get a fresher bunch for 80c on Victoria St, its stock-making roots still attached. The rest of Campion’s article is worth a read, but this is what he says about Minh Phat:

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